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Facial Services

Maven Signature Spa Facial   60 minutes

The perfect starter facial to learn about your skin and begin to address your skin care needs. Your esthetician will select Eminence products specific to your needs to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, balance, restore and protect your skin. Includes a neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage while the mask treatment does its work!  You will leave with a beautiful glow, healthy, happy skin, and a strong knowledge base of how to achieve your skin goals.  $70


Men’s Bearded Facial Treatment   60 minutes

The Eminence product line is perfect to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and moisturize the male face. This treatment, coupled with High Frequency Combing of the beard, will soften and hydrate the skin, address acne and ingrown hairs and stimulate hair growth. The treatment ends with a two step stimulating and softening beard treatment using our Paul Mitchel MVRCK™ beard oil.  $70


Maven Specialty Facial  90 minutes   

This EminenceⓇ facial culminates with a relaxing and rejuvenating scalp massage using  EminenceⓇ Wildflower Scalp massage oil. This treatment not only provides a full facial but your scalp and hair are treated with a highly nourishing and uber relaxing full head massage.  $100


Enhancements to any service

  • Dermaplane exfoliation $40            

  • Microcurrent lift / firming  $40            

  • Microdermabrasion exfoliation $40         

  • Ultrasonic exfoliation  $20    

  • High Frequency Acne Treatment $20  

  • Perfect Pout Lip Treatment $20    

  • LED light therapy $10      

  • Cold Stone facial massage $10

  • Eye treatment   $10          



Maven’s Advanced Facial Treatments  

This EminenceⓇ facial takes your exfoliation to the next level to address your specific skin concerns.  You and your esthetician can choose what will best meet your needs from the following 3 results-driven peels:                      60 minutes


Mangosteen Lactic Pro Peel  

Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive!  Immediate results with no irritation or downtime. Pore appearance is minimized, surface build up is removed leaving the skin smooth, supple and radiant.  

Great starter peel as well as a peel that can be repeated every 6 weeks to promote lasting skin improvements and health. $95


Blueberry Detox Firming Peel

Good for all skin types especially dry, mature, thick and sun damaged skin. This peel refines and clarifies skin, minimizes and clears clogged pores, removes dead skin cells allowing for better product penetration and detoxifies the skin. 

The results bring visibly reduced pores, the skin is refined, purified, clear and radiant. The skin is immediately stimulated resulting in a rosy glow and a more youthful look!  $85

This peel delivers beautiful results after one peel, and excellent long term results when done in a series of 3.   


Arctic Berry Pro Peptide and Illuminating Peel

Excellent for all skin types.  This advanced peel system deeply exfoliates the skin, refines and evens skin tone and assists with decreasing hyperpigmentation.  This is a strong antioxidant treatment with age-defying benefits and a reduction in  inflammation and redness.  

Results yield dramatically refined and smoothed skin with hyperpigmentation reduced. Collagen formation is boosted and skin is firmed and plumped.  $110

Excellent results with one treatment, and best results with a series of professional treatments once or twice a month supported with home care regime using the Arctic Berry Peel and Peptide Illuminating Kit. 





EminenceⓇ  Body Treatments

Stone Crop Contouring Body Wrap  60 minutes

Long lasting luxurious exfoliation,  your skin is detoxified and hydrated revealing soft and supple skin, with a decrease in the appearance of age, sun spots and cellulite. Your skin will glow and appear more firm and tone. This treatment is multi-step with an application of the Eminence Stone Crop Revitalizing body scrub, followed by the Stone Crop Body Mask. The guest is then wrapped snugly in layers for 10 - 20 minutes while receiving a relaxing scalp massage or mini facial. Once the wrap is removed, the client showers and returns to the table for moisturizing and application of the Stone Crop Contouring Cream.     $125


Beauty Back Treatment   30 minutes

We’ve got your back!!  This is a seriously fantastic treatment!  Deep cleanse, scrub exfoliation, mask with steam followed by a lovely application of a deep moisturizing treatment.  Perfect for all guests, especially the male client, athletes and great prep for a backless dress event!  $50

Shiney-Heinie Treatment  30 minutes

You read that right!  Steaming, Cleansing, Exfoliating, Masking, Toning and Moisturizing!  $50

FARMHOUSE FRESHⓇ   Body Treatments

Body Polish Treatment  30 / 60 minutes

This full body exfoliation will leave your body glowing, hydrated, happy and de-stressed as you experience one of our most popular services.  Select from a seasonal variety of FARMHOUSE FRESH salt or sugar scrubs that will exfoliate, increase circulation and stimulate healthy skin growth followed by a lavish application of a body drenching moisturizer.  This is what being good to yourself is all about!  

This service  is performed in a calming, private, relaxing environment in a 2 step procedure. After the scrub is thoroughly applied the guest is given privacy to shower and return to the table for the lavish and relaxing moisturizing treatment.     $50 / 70

Choose from the following:

Whipped Honey Salt Scrub  FHF

An amber-like scent with notes of clove and nutmeg combine with silky rice bran oil and the finest of salt grains to deliver soft skin like you’ve simply never felt before!

Sweet Cream Salt Scrub  FHF

 A warm, buttery sweet cream scent and silky rice bran oil combine with the finest of salt grains.

Muscadine Moonshine Liquor Infused Sugar Scrub  FHF

This mouthwatering Muscadine Moonshine body polish is crafted with succulent muscadine grapes, sea salt harvested from U.S. shores, and Fitch's Goat Moonshine, a small batch corn distilled cocktail, with a smooth finish of butter and berries

Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Whipped   FHF

Your day is off to a scrumptious, caramel latte start with this rich, whipped exfoliator infused with caffeine and Arabica bean extract. Skin is smoothed, polished and caressed with hydrating Shea butter, while caffeine increases microcirculation, for a temporary tightening effect. The result is a nourished, healthy glow.

Reflexology  30 / 60 minutes

Reflexology sessions involve applying pressure to specific areas of the feet, hands and/or ears to relieve discomfort in corresponding body systems and areas. The target points are referred to as acupressure points and are believed to activate energies that increase circulation and promote wellness and relaxation throughout the body.  Includes a FHF Honey Heel Glaze to seal in moisture and revitalize tired feet! $50 /  80

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